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The Djoon Experience is proof that Djoon is truly more than just a club. 


More than a party, for the past ten years The Djoon Experience has been a concept allowing the meeting of dancers, music lovers and underground club culture. Through this particular synergy between dancers and DJs, The Djoon Experience involves the local dance community in clubs by creating dance initiations, live shows, festivals and club nights. 


The concept is the brainchild of one of the most celebrated nightclubs in the world: Djoon in Paris. A shelter for dancers and music lovers, Djoon has been a first step in Paris for many artists, including the likes of Lil’ Louis, Kerri Chandler, The Martinez Brothers, Folamour, Black Coffe, Levon Vincent, Âme and Dixon, and plays a key role in bringing Afro-house and soulful dance music energies to the old continent. Borrowing its name from a Persian word which can be translated to mean ‘soul’, Parisian house music temple Djoon has been tirelessly defending soulful music in its largest sense for two decades, bringing over emerging talents and timeless legends alike for the delight of its eclectic and forward thinking crowd. 


The Djoon Experience brings the Djoon identity and philosophy around the world, with events taking place in Rome, Naples, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban as well as Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Lisbon, Porto, Greece, Morocco and Reunion Island. Its lineups put music at the centre, and have included the likes of Black Coffee, Dan Shake, Jamie 3:26, Osunlade, Marcel Vogel Djeff, Rich Medina, Byron The Aquarius. By connecting local dance schools and dance communities with club spaces, music lovers and world class DJs, The Djoon Experience creates an unrivalled atmosphere on the dancefloor and a truly unique partying experience. 


Aside from events, The Djoon Experience is also a record label that, over the years, has become a true temple of soulful music. Each release, like each event, is a powerful expression of everything joyous about the dancefloor.

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