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Robert Owens Berlin Aug, 2023 034_edited.jpg

In his own words, Robert Owens has been making house music ‘before house had a name’. 

One of the most distinctive, coveted and prolific voices in the genre, Robert has an illustrious career that started in late 80’s Chicago and has produced some of the greatest tracks house music has witnessed. Responsible for era-defining classics such as ‘Tears' alongside Frankie Knuckles & Satoshi Tomiie, ‘Bring Down The Walls’ with Larry Heard as part of Fingers Inc., as well as solo releases ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’ and ‘Mine To Give’ which hit number one on the Hot Dance Music / Club Play chart, Robert has created seminal records which you can comfortably bet will have a place on any house head’s all-time favourites list. 

After setting the standard during house's formative years, Robert has remained at the forefront of the genre, releasing on labels such as Dekmantel, Ninja Tune, Boysnoize, Circo Loco and HE. SHE. THEY,  building an extensive discography of solo projects, as well as a catalogue of collaborations which reads like an electronic music hall of fame - Masters At Work, Jamie Jones, Soul Clap, Coldcut, Marshall Jefferson, Catz ’N Dogz, Ron Trent - the list goes on. 

What has set Robert apart throughout all these releases, is the raw emotion and passion he delivers into each and every vocal take, providing an uninhibited human touch to everything he works on. Lyrically too, we see an artist who is unashamed in his commitment to spreading the positive values of house music as a medium for self-expression, inclusivity and spiritual liberation. 

Robert’s unique live performances continue to deliver this message, spellbinding audiences across the world with distinctive DJ sets embellished by his live vocals - a format which pays testament both to his talent as a singer, and his extensive depth of musical knowledge and selections. 

Having toured the world countless times over, Robert continues to perform at renowned venues and festivals at the forefront of the electronic music scene - with recent years seeing him perform at the likes of Berghain (Berlin), Sydney Opera House, HORST Arts & Music Festival (Brussels), A Club Called Rhonda (San Francisco / Los Angeles), Sound Department (Taranto), The Villa (Oslo), Smartbar (Chicago), Audio Club (Geneva), Plano B (Porto) to mention a few. 

After over thirty years in the game, Robert’s energy and ambition in the studio is also seemingly unlimited, with the house music pioneer constantly busy with a prolific release schedule. Recent highlights include the release of part one of Robert’s stunning four party album project ‘NAKED’ - put out via his own imprint ‘Musical Directions’ - as well as myriad collaborations with electronic music luminaries such as Luke Slater, Damian Lazaurus, Gina Breeze, CJ Jeff and many more.

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