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Greg Broussard p.k.a Egyptian Lover, is a pioneering hip-hop musician, producer and DJ. Revered as a master of the Roland TR-808, he’s spent over three decades pushing drum machines, synthesizers and turntables to their limits while imbuing hip-hop beats with the spirit of funk and the spark of electro.


Broussard first stepped on stage as a DJ, playing across LA alongside Ice-T with hip-hop crew Uncle Jamm’s Army before beginning his recording career in 1982. Drawing influence from the electric energy of Prince and the futurism of Kraftwerk, he released visionary singles like ‘Egypt, Egypt’ and ‘Freak-A-Holic’ that merged electrofunk and hip-hop, quickly becoming staple cuts for DJs across America.

Continuing to release a series of LPs throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s before taking a break from the music scene, he made a return in the new millennium, releasing an anthology on the cult hip-hop label Stones Throw, performing dates with M.I.A. and reaffirming his reputation as an innovative artist and an electrifying performer: he’s since put on acclaimed live performances and DJ sets at the likes of Berlin’s Berghain, Lisbon’s Lux Fragil, Helsinki’s Flow Festival, London’s FOLD and Jazz Café.


Egyptian Lover released a new album ‘1985’ in 2018, along with the follow up LP ‘1986’ in 2021 on his long-running label Egyptian Empire, both to critical acclaim. 

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