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Kenny Dope is one of the most prolific artists in modern music. The four time Grammy nominated musical genius has been astounding the masses with his fusion of house, hip-hop, Latin, jazz, funk & soul, reggae and broken beats for over 30 years. Today, he shows no signs of stopping.


Kenny’s affiliation with music started at the age of 12, absorbing beats that were booming from 80’s block parties in his hometown, Brooklyn. In the years that followed, Kenny discovered his enduring love for ‘diggin’ for records, to date boasting a collection of over 80,000. Whilst experimenting in production with the likes of fellow Brooklyn DJ Todd Terry, Kenny founded the still-thriving independent label, Dopewax Records.

In 1990, Kenny began a creative partnership that would define his future career and the house music landscape as we know it. Along with Louie Vega, the Masters At Work were formed and together they went on to become one of house music’s most influential and successful duos. Remixing hundreds of artists from Michael Jackson to Madonna to Daft Punk, MAW remains a pervasive sound in clubs all around the world.

Kenny’s work under alternative aliases, Nuyorican Soul and The Bucketheads, has been just as widely celebrated. ‘The Nervous Track’, released under Nuyorican Soul, propelled Kenny Dope into America’s musical hall of fame, while under The Bucketheads, Kenny produced one of his most requested tracks, ‘The Bomb’. With its extended sample from Chicago’s ‘Street Player’, ‘The Bomb’ has an assured place in the annals of dance music history.

In 2021, Kenny and Louie announced the official relaunch of MAW, news which sent shockwaves running throughout the music world. The revamp project commenced with the release of ‘Mattel’, the first MAW single in over twenty years, as well as an entire catalogue of unreleased MAW being remastered and released worldwide. With more MAW singles due for release, along with a busy schedule of solo projects, we are living through a pivotal chapter in the Kenny Dope journey - one which sees him continue to push the bar ever higher. 

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