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Alice Auer is a rare gem in the world of Jazz and Soul music. By combining her formal jazz training, natural songwriting ability and taste in modern, forward-thinking production, she creates music that honours both the old and new jazz movements.  


While a skilled songwriter and musical theorist, Alice is primarily a vocalist’s vocalist. Inspired by the likes of Chet Baker, Nat King Cole and Moonchild’s Amber Navran, her vocal style matches her character: understated, honest and natural. An exceptional live performer, Alice has played with her band at the likes of Jazz Cafe, Mostly Jazz Festival, Ealing Jazz Festival, Cheltenham Jazz Festival. 



After releasing her debut single ‘October’ in 2019, Alice went on to collaborate with Sam Wills for her follow up release ‘Shadow’, which saw her experiment with the R&B genre to beautiful effect. It was around this time, she met musical polymath and multi-instrumentalist Conor Albert. The pair instantly found a natural affinity, and created a collaborative EP called ‘Smile’, released on Young Poet Records in March 2021. 


The release was a resounding success, and has since picked up over 1,000,000 million streams on Spotify, and has been championed by the likes of Jamie Cullum, BBC Radio 1, Clash, Ear Milk and even shared and supported by influential artists such as Justin Beiber. Alice is now busy working on a follow up solo EP, collaborating in the studio with both esteemed and up-and-coming producers and instrumentalists across the Jazz, Soul and Electronic music scenes.

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